Royal Anniversary

10:44 PM

On October 13, 2011 a great event took place that will be remembered throughout the history of Bhutan. The marriage between two people took place, a bond that tied Bhutan with lots of love. A country that is already a paradise made even better with this everlasting marriage. On October 13, 2013 it is their 2nd anniversary. Surrounded by the well-wishers, to harm will ever cross their path. With lots of prayers, wishes concentrated to them, which makes them shine, keeping the darkness away from our country. This anniversary is a celebration of all the people in this country.  May the sound of “Happy 2nd anniversary “, echo through this beautiful landscape and continue to the abyss.  May ours wishes transform the immortal souls to mortal bond, which will last forever. Hearts filled with feeling that can’t be described. With such kings and queens, Bhutan truly is a paradise. A paradise with tranquil environment and wonderful people looked after by blessed kings and queens.
I can’t put my thoughts into words to describe how I feel. No words are there to describe them.