Polities to a new level

8:31 PM

As usual I was watching television, nothing unusual about that. I was just going through the channels, suddenly NDTV caught my attention. There was a talk about BJP`S apps on android market. Some other party was against it. It was a new tactic on polities, created by this 21stcentury world. A few days back I was watching CELL-GURU on NDTV, watching the phone reviews and the latest phone on the festival. A phone that was so shocking and interesting too. Narendra Modi (BJP)-themed SmartNamo phones, it wasn't an app it was a phone dedicated to a parties person. The phone has preloaded wallpapers, videos as well as apps related to Modi. It was launched by a Gujarat-based group. . Ammeet Desai, the spokesperson for Smart Namo was quoted by The Wall Street Journal saying that they got the idea for this phone from China itself, where several products like Mp3 players and smartphones are branded with their leaders' name.(extracted from TIMES OF INDIA)
Seeing this I can’t wait for the next election to happen. I want to see what the new parties have to offer to lead the people in their tracks. What strategies they might bring, it just fascinates me to the see the future of Bhutan as a democratic country. Let’s see what beholds for us in the future and what challenges will we come across. Being prepared is the best thing that one can do. As new to this type of system our country has a lot to learn and there are lots of examples to look at. In a way our country is lucky to be so young in this system as we can correct the mistakes that others have done. And follow the path, a right path that is already cleared for us. As the times change, people change and according to that the system has to change. With youths coming up with new ideas, let’s see how our country will develop.
 Where hands are possessed with smart phones and eyes glued to real, life like games. Technology has changed everything. Perhaps a culture for humans where the gods are the technology.


An unexpected day

10:08 PM

As usual I was getting ready for the school. Nothing significant happened until I reached half way to school. From there I was asked to go and attain move for health walk. That was not expected. Just yesterday students were selected for this very event. Frankly speaking I was not interested in this, so I didn't register my name for the event. But today I ran for the event that was taking place in Bajo town. Arrived there and sneaked from behind, to get into the line. Many of the students were there who did not expect that they would be there like me. Many students from three different schools were present. Namely, Tencholing primary school, Wangdue lower secondary school and our school.

Surrounded by lots of posters about health and straight towards me, stood the prime minster and other important official. After the speech, there was handing over of donation by various agencies and Dzongkhags. The donations was for the Bhutan health trust fund. From there we started our walk. Walking and talking with friends. The weather wasn't too bad for the walk but when we reached near the bridge. I could smell the sweat in the atmosphere and young students pumped with adrenaline, started walking faster. From the back people started singing “wai wai move for health”. It was a great experience given by my fate. Our little walk ended, in the entrance towards to Nahi. We were send home after the walk. So I retraced my path towards home. That time all I needed was a cold bath and some food to regain the calories that I have lost.
Finally I reached home and I just had to update my Facebook status, so I did.
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Royal Anniversary

10:44 PM

On October 13, 2011 a great event took place that will be remembered throughout the history of Bhutan. The marriage between two people took place, a bond that tied Bhutan with lots of love. A country that is already a paradise made even better with this everlasting marriage. On October 13, 2013 it is their 2nd anniversary. Surrounded by the well-wishers, to harm will ever cross their path. With lots of prayers, wishes concentrated to them, which makes them shine, keeping the darkness away from our country. This anniversary is a celebration of all the people in this country.  May the sound of “Happy 2nd anniversary “, echo through this beautiful landscape and continue to the abyss.  May ours wishes transform the immortal souls to mortal bond, which will last forever. Hearts filled with feeling that can’t be described. With such kings and queens, Bhutan truly is a paradise. A paradise with tranquil environment and wonderful people looked after by blessed kings and queens.
I can’t put my thoughts into words to describe how I feel. No words are there to describe them. 


Making a study roster.

5:47 PM
These are some of the tips given by our school counselor. Hope these benefits to you all.
1.       First, divide the number of days (hours – leisure + classes). You have at hand to prepare for the forth coming exam
2.       You must keep in mind the number of subjects and chapters to be covered.
3.       Prioritize the subjects accordingly
i)                    Remember to allocate more number of study hours according to the vastness and difficulty in the subject.
ii)                   The number of hours assigned to a subject should be as per your difficulty and conveniences.
iii)                 Do not make a roster for a day having just one subject. Variety and change in the subject can also help to retain your concentration as well as interest.
iv)                 Between two successive subjects to be revised, at least keep about 15-20 minutes break. This will help you relax, compose and prepare your brain for the different subject.

4.       Schedule the subject according to the time and its appropriateness. Example: science and art subject which needs concentration and memorization should be revised in the morning, language during the day and particle subjects like mathematics during the evening or night.
5.       Ask your friend to make a similar timing so that you will be reminded and carry it out successfully.
6.       Design a reward or punishment for yourself. If you fail to follow the timetable, cancel your free time or sleep late or wake up early as punishment. If you have followed it timely go for a walk, speak with your friends as a reward.

7.       Always put easier or simple subjects or chapters before interest and motivate you.
            It should be followed with out-most sincerity and dedication. If you follow it for a few days strictly, it will eventually become a habit and can be successful. 


Early morning presentation

10:04 PM

Today professor Ghosh from Sikkim visited our school. He presented a presentation on career options after class twelve. Class eleven and twelve were present in the presentation. He informed us about the present job scenario and gave tips on making the right choices in future. He said that our career shouldn't be by chance, it should be by choice and we were to become job creator not job seekers. We learned about Hall’s career stage model. This included exploration stage, establishment stage, maintenance stage and decline stage.
When we get a job, we want respect in the society, money, fame, satisfaction, security, happiness and joy. But when something goes wrong in our decision making it may lead to lack of career success. This can take place when career is not matching with one’s interest/potential/personality.

 Sometimes we select the career which doesn't match our interest, etcetera. The reasons can be from opportunity perceptions, parental influence, peer pressure and others. We should have a systematic approach, we should be clear about our objectives and it should be individualized. This can help in building a successful career.
In the presentation there was a quote from Michelangelo Buonarroti, The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark.” which made us to aim higher.

Towards the end of the presentation, professor explained about the factors for choosing universities in India. The factors are reputation, cost, safety, faculty, distance and facilities.
In the end professor talked about ICFAI university. For more information about this university visit this website.   


First day in service.

7:15 PM

Today with the traditional khadar ceremony with an inspirational speech from the principal, kick started the day for the newly appointed captains. The captains for the year 2014. With a smiling face and the additional responsibilities of captains. The day wouldn't get any better than this.
The captains were distributed to different houses. With a new house and new house parent, it was difficult to accept the new house.  A new set of students to look after and a new agricultural garden. Not knowing what each bed holds and what to do with the students. The feeling of isolation from the others and asking advice from some of the members started. With a question of what to do in the new house hunted some the captains. Although some of the captains were vice captains, they were in a confusion. For some captains it was a first time leading the students. One of the captains said that he was feeling nerves as he is holding the position for the first time. The first day didn't go as planned for some of as.
For the school captains nothing much was changed. They were in their old houses but they had a more difficult job than the house captains. They had to monitor the evening prayer. Students reciting the prayer while they stand and seek out the unfaithful ones. It must have been an unusual feeling because all the time they would be sitting and reciting the prayer. But today they are standing and looking after the prayer.
When the mist of confusion is settled and where one can see the greener valley, the days for the captains will be easier.