First day in service.

7:15 PM

Today with the traditional khadar ceremony with an inspirational speech from the principal, kick started the day for the newly appointed captains. The captains for the year 2014. With a smiling face and the additional responsibilities of captains. The day wouldn't get any better than this.
The captains were distributed to different houses. With a new house and new house parent, it was difficult to accept the new house.  A new set of students to look after and a new agricultural garden. Not knowing what each bed holds and what to do with the students. The feeling of isolation from the others and asking advice from some of the members started. With a question of what to do in the new house hunted some the captains. Although some of the captains were vice captains, they were in a confusion. For some captains it was a first time leading the students. One of the captains said that he was feeling nerves as he is holding the position for the first time. The first day didn't go as planned for some of as.
For the school captains nothing much was changed. They were in their old houses but they had a more difficult job than the house captains. They had to monitor the evening prayer. Students reciting the prayer while they stand and seek out the unfaithful ones. It must have been an unusual feeling because all the time they would be sitting and reciting the prayer. But today they are standing and looking after the prayer.
When the mist of confusion is settled and where one can see the greener valley, the days for the captains will be easier.