Polities to a new level

8:31 PM

As usual I was watching television, nothing unusual about that. I was just going through the channels, suddenly NDTV caught my attention. There was a talk about BJP`S apps on android market. Some other party was against it. It was a new tactic on polities, created by this 21stcentury world. A few days back I was watching CELL-GURU on NDTV, watching the phone reviews and the latest phone on the festival. A phone that was so shocking and interesting too. Narendra Modi (BJP)-themed SmartNamo phones, it wasn't an app it was a phone dedicated to a parties person. The phone has preloaded wallpapers, videos as well as apps related to Modi. It was launched by a Gujarat-based group. . Ammeet Desai, the spokesperson for Smart Namo was quoted by The Wall Street Journal saying that they got the idea for this phone from China itself, where several products like Mp3 players and smartphones are branded with their leaders' name.(extracted from TIMES OF INDIA)
Seeing this I can’t wait for the next election to happen. I want to see what the new parties have to offer to lead the people in their tracks. What strategies they might bring, it just fascinates me to the see the future of Bhutan as a democratic country. Let’s see what beholds for us in the future and what challenges will we come across. Being prepared is the best thing that one can do. As new to this type of system our country has a lot to learn and there are lots of examples to look at. In a way our country is lucky to be so young in this system as we can correct the mistakes that others have done. And follow the path, a right path that is already cleared for us. As the times change, people change and according to that the system has to change. With youths coming up with new ideas, let’s see how our country will develop.
 Where hands are possessed with smart phones and eyes glued to real, life like games. Technology has changed everything. Perhaps a culture for humans where the gods are the technology.