What to tweet?

3:12 AM

I had made my twitter account last year. Forgot the password and recovered the account this year. I don’t have followers but I follow some people. Actually they have no reason to follow me, I am no one and I don’t tweet that much too. I have two tweets that’s all. I don’t know what to tweet and why to tweet. And I am not familiar to twitter as I don’t use it much. I have opened a twitter account because it’s a trending social network at the present moment (after Facebook  I think). In the article of thimphutech.com, I read about the increasing popularity of twitter in Bhutan. So decided to keep my twitter account.
 Sometimes i think of tweeting “i am going to school” when I am going to school and “feeling exhausted, just came back from school” when I arrive home. Tweeting this every weekdays. When I think about it, I laugh at myself and think about the reaction that people might give to it. I had a wild imagination about this being on the news, “the most repeated tweet by a person, (i am going to school) (feeling exhausted, just came back from school)”. The best scenario can be, getting a Guinness world record for this. But I think this will never happen as I am not tweeting. I think I should control my imagination and not let it loose. Sometimes my imagination can get the better of me.

So what about Facebook  As updating ones status is somewhat same as tweeting. Come to think of it, it’s somewhat the same in Facebook too. In Facebook I update my status with some quotation or some interesting things happening around me. In Facebook I have lots of friends that may be interested in what I upload about. Last time I uploaded about a football match. And I got a good response to it too. I spent most of my time in Facebook  But now most of my time is taken by my blog. And I think it is a good thing too, as I am doing something productive than chatting in Facebook  I want to see how much have I improved in English after opening this blog. As my exams are at my door steps, its time I prepare myself and study.
I am wide open to any suggestion from the readers. You can mail me here at my email address or comment on any of my article in my blog.my email address is deepantamnag2012@gmail.com.

 Thanks all the readers and keep motivating me with your comments.


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