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’Hello Brother’’ is a movie made in Japan (maybe Korea).This might be the best movie that I have watched after “Life Of Pie” and “The Children Of Huang Shi”. This time I couldn't hold back myself, not to write about this movie.
Don’t want to ruin the fun of watching the movie, by telling the story. Here is something that will make you, to watch the movie.
The story starts with Hanbyul not feeling well. The elder brother meets a boy (Wook), who is going through the same situation. He treats him as his own small brother. He meets with lots of children going through the same condition. As Jang Hani does something wrong and wants to avoid the punishment from his mother. Wook takes Jang Hani to his house. They go to the mountains where, according to Wook, Tarzan lives. They reach to a place and stops for searching him. As soon as they see him, they run away. Wook couldn’t keep up with Jang Hani and faints. The Tarzan gives him some water and he wakes up. He takes them to their parents, who were searching for them in the mountains. They all go back and something terrible happens. Someone dies and something happens to someone. The movie ends with this dialogue” Wook, Merry Christmas.” A very tragic story and that doesn't have a happy ending….
Characters in the movie:
Hanbyul (elder brother)
Jang Hani (younger brother)
Wook (nickname little jade Buddha)
And other minor characters such as father, mother, etc.
Executive Producer: LEE Eun
Producer: SHlM BoKyung
Director: LlM TaiHyung
This is based on real character SulHee (15) and ChangHee (12) has been living in Canada. SulHee had to get 4 operations and he is still under treatment.