Democracy is necessary for GNH.

9:35 AM

We will need to evolve a system of governance that is responsive to its changing needs. We need a system in which all our needs, are considered, fulfilled and are looked after. For the place that is needed in order to sustain and nurture GNH, we, the people of Bhutan need democracy. It’s not only Bhutan but where ever there is GNH there should be democracy, which indicates that democracy is necessary for GNH.
A lone king can’t handle or look after each and every one. For everyone’s happiness depending on him and with that, there are other vital things that he has to cover alone. Although there is someone to look after each sector or division, but at the end he is the one making all the decision. In democracy what happens is the responsibilities of the nation's future development are distributed among ministries and other branches. This ensures there is a balance between spiritual and material development which will lead to the happiness of the people. Democracy also takes care of the four main pillars of GNH that is sustainable and equitable economic development, conservation of environment, preservation and promotion of culture and good governance by distributing to ten ministries.
 With further more decentralization, each person’s point is considered and helps in the development of the country. With every person participating in the making of the country, the country is united and the value of GNH grows.
With democracy the management capacities are strengthened, which is able to provide development in preferred directions, to monitor, and evaluate the process of change and identify the need for remedial and corrective measures. This ensures that everything is looked after and every mistake is corrected. With this it makes a perfect mother for GNH which nurtures it and helps it to grow bigger.
Abraham Lincoln, the 16th­ President of the United States of America defines Democracy as a government of the people, by the people and for the people. With their choice of government elected, it makes sure that their voice are heard, bringing happiness, hence promoting GNH.
Happiness may not be directly delivered to an individual like a good or service. Democracy stresses collective happiness to be addressed directly through public policies in which happiness becomes a clear condition in projects and programmes.

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