Neighborhood on steroids

12:56 PM
The place where I live is a clam, peaceful one. There is not much noise and hardly things happen. But today (17/09/13) something happened that I could not imagine in my widest dream. The place came to life as if the place as changed from a desert to a rain forest. It had an atmosphere of a party hall, music surrounding everybody. People having a great time and some people turned up for dancing. Mostly kid took part and they were having a great time too.
I was not there as the music was too loud for me. I watched the event from a distant. Viewing everyone was great although I could not watch it for a long time. The event stopped at around nine p.m., as everyone would be disturbed. Then the neighborhood turned to its normal state, clam and quite. The sounds of the insects are loud and clear, without the music taking its place.

I can’t believe that this is the same festival that took place last year although it takes every year. But last year something happened that shook everyone, literary. Last year there was an earthquake that shook most of the region in southern Asia. There was a terror in everyone’s face but today there is a smile on everyone’s face. I morn for the people who have lost their life in that earthquake.