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This is my 4th year studying in Bajothang higher secondary school. There are some changes that I have observed. Most of the changes are minor. This is the major change that I have observed and is one of the best. There are some major changes in the school, like construction of WIFI Park on 2012.Since I started this blog this year, I wanted to share this to you all.
Captains are appointed mainly by teachers. Students too take part in the appointment of captains but it has little effect on the decision made by the teachers. This is all done in the starting of the school. With the introduction of Democracy club in the school this has changed. It i
s now done at the end of the year. The students get to vote for appointment of captains. The nominees for the captain-ship are selected by the teachers. The captains are for the eight houses and two school captains. There will be a boy and a girl captain for each of the houses and headed by two school captains. The nominees for the captain-ship are to deliver a short speech tomorrow (1/10/13).

There are vice captains for each house. They are mainly appointed to look after agriculture garden. The vice captains are appointed by the house parent. As of last year most of the captains are selected form the vice captains. Most of the nominees for the captain-ship are vice captains. 

Not in my dreams that i thought that the voting would be like this.We had voting machines,polling officers and everything else.It was same as that of voting in a general election.
Tomorrow (2/10/13) the results will be declared and 18 students would be appointed.From them teachers would choose 2 school captains.


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