An unexpected day

10:08 PM

As usual I was getting ready for the school. Nothing significant happened until I reached half way to school. From there I was asked to go and attain move for health walk. That was not expected. Just yesterday students were selected for this very event. Frankly speaking I was not interested in this, so I didn't register my name for the event. But today I ran for the event that was taking place in Bajo town. Arrived there and sneaked from behind, to get into the line. Many of the students were there who did not expect that they would be there like me. Many students from three different schools were present. Namely, Tencholing primary school, Wangdue lower secondary school and our school.

Surrounded by lots of posters about health and straight towards me, stood the prime minster and other important official. After the speech, there was handing over of donation by various agencies and Dzongkhags. The donations was for the Bhutan health trust fund. From there we started our walk. Walking and talking with friends. The weather wasn't too bad for the walk but when we reached near the bridge. I could smell the sweat in the atmosphere and young students pumped with adrenaline, started walking faster. From the back people started singing “wai wai move for health”. It was a great experience given by my fate. Our little walk ended, in the entrance towards to Nahi. We were send home after the walk. So I retraced my path towards home. That time all I needed was a cold bath and some food to regain the calories that I have lost.
Finally I reached home and I just had to update my Facebook status, so I did.
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