A dream

7:48 AM
This is a story that I wanted to share to all of you out there. Read it and enjoying while reading it…
It was 8:00 in the morning.as usual I was late for my collage. Each time I reach at the school gate the bell rang. I was also warned multiple times, but living a life where you don’t have a mother around you, these things are sure to happen. I passed out from a higher secondary school and presently I am in Royal Thimphu Collage. Living a life out on your own is not easy as thought. But tomorrow I need not worry about these things at all. Tomorrow I am leaving for my home, back to Wangdi. Back to my loving and carrying mother.
It’s the day where I am leaving for home. It’s the happiest day of my life, after a yearlong of parting finally I am going to see my mother. I came through the Thimphu valley, enjoying the beautiful scenes of the mountain. I was very discern to utter my first word when I meet my mom.
Finally, I reached wangdi. As I went I bought a bouquet of flower for my mother who was anxiously waiting for me. As I climbed up to the stairs, each steps made me very excited. I knocked the door and there she was opening it. I instantly hugged her and gave the beautiful flowers which inevitably suited her. She had prepared me a delicious meal after which we sat down for a chat. As we talked I could feel the happiness flowing in her voice.
We talked whole day. There wasn’t any conclusion to our talk but the time had a conclusion. It was time for dinner. I, my mother and my sister sat in a circle and had a marvelous dinner. After having dinner it was time for bed. That night the moment I went to bed I fell asleep. I woke up, got dressed and I stood in front of a river which was nearby, with the sun shining high and winds blowing with its growling sound. And suddenly I heard a crying call. I turned back. And again there was another call and it was from my house. I ran towards it as fast as I could.as each step I covered, the crying call got louder and so didi the slamming of the door.
I opened the door and there I saw my mother. I stepped in and approached and the cold heart.my poor mother was shrouded in her bed. I called out the name of my sister but there was no answer. I ran to my neighbors for help, but to my surprise I could see empty houses. Out of desperation I cried for help, but my cries were heard by growling winds and slamming doors. With only few hours of breath left I rushed my mother to the nearest hospital. All of a sudden I felt like killing myself. But I moved on, not giving up I reached to BHU. All my efforts went in vain when I found on one at the BHU. A mixed feeling of anger, sadness and insanity had occurred. I could not utter a word not cry out loud. I was looking at her dying face and holding those cold hands, I could not imagine that I am going to lose a very precious gem of my life.
Slowly she closed her eyes. I saw the light of her face fading away. Her breath had almost stopped. I knew she is going to go far away from me.so I said my last words to her “I LOVE YOU MOM’’. With a smile on her face she slowly closed her eyes and gave up her life on my arms. With tears all over my face I hugged her for the last time.
As I walk away I could feel the presence of her. I heard something, a call from my mother, I looked back, and to my surprise the corpse was gone. But the voice was still there. As I listened to it, I heard “WAKE UP, WAKE UP” than a gush of happiness flowed in every vein of my body. I could see a blurred image of my mom. When I opened my eyes wide I could see her. She was alive. It was me who was dead for 8 hours and was living a life which had never existed.

This is a story written by one of my friend Prakash. Thanks to him that I could share this to you all. This story came up accidentally. It was English class and our teacher asked us to write a story about anything, so my friend bought this to the class. We had a great time listening to him.