Making a study roster.

5:47 PM
These are some of the tips given by our school counselor. Hope these benefits to you all.
1.       First, divide the number of days (hours – leisure + classes). You have at hand to prepare for the forth coming exam
2.       You must keep in mind the number of subjects and chapters to be covered.
3.       Prioritize the subjects accordingly
i)                    Remember to allocate more number of study hours according to the vastness and difficulty in the subject.
ii)                   The number of hours assigned to a subject should be as per your difficulty and conveniences.
iii)                 Do not make a roster for a day having just one subject. Variety and change in the subject can also help to retain your concentration as well as interest.
iv)                 Between two successive subjects to be revised, at least keep about 15-20 minutes break. This will help you relax, compose and prepare your brain for the different subject.

4.       Schedule the subject according to the time and its appropriateness. Example: science and art subject which needs concentration and memorization should be revised in the morning, language during the day and particle subjects like mathematics during the evening or night.
5.       Ask your friend to make a similar timing so that you will be reminded and carry it out successfully.
6.       Design a reward or punishment for yourself. If you fail to follow the timetable, cancel your free time or sleep late or wake up early as punishment. If you have followed it timely go for a walk, speak with your friends as a reward.

7.       Always put easier or simple subjects or chapters before interest and motivate you.
            It should be followed with out-most sincerity and dedication. If you follow it for a few days strictly, it will eventually become a habit and can be successful.