what an idea sir gi...

5:48 PM
Most of people in Bhutan have mobile phone. With the increasing connectivity in the country the number of mobile phones keeps rising. To be able to communicate through phone, we need sim cards. In our country we have two providers of these sim cards. B-mobile and Tashi cell.
People need to recharge their account. And the most common for the postpaid costumers are from recharge cards and through E-load, which is a recent one. The problem arises from the recharge cards thrown here and there, therefore littering the place.
I noticed that the companies who make them are wasting lots of paper and ink. The size of the card can be decreases without compromising the size of the front.
While recharging through a voucher card, the company send a message saying “save the environment by using E-Load” (these may not be the exact words in the message).
Instead of advising others they should think of changing the way they make voucher cards. With the less usage of paper, they are reducing their carbon footprint. There might not be a difference in just one card but as the card increases in its quantity the difference can be seen.
If the companies could think of reducing the size of the card, as both the companies have same size of voucher card. It could make a vast difference. I remember that one of the company giving some type of reward for collecting the cards. Recycling the card can help the environment.