Help ourselves from Earthquake.

5:46 PM

One of the most frightening and destructive phenomena of nature is a severe earthquake and its terrible effects. Earthquake is the major cause of many types of disaster such as flood, fire, landslide and etc. earthquake doesn't kill people, is the man made structures that kill us. If we build the building that could withstand an earthquake, this might prevent the loss of lives. If we educate people about the earthquake that could also save lives and remove panic among the people.
Bhutan is locates in one of the most seismically active zone in the world along the boundary between the Indian and Eurasian tectonic plates. That’s why our country is prone to earthquake posing risk to the lives and livelihood of the inhabitants. It is important that we should be highly conscious and alert all the time to face any type of disasters. We might have to experience more such earthquake events and for that we need to be aware and always prepared.
On 21st September 2009, an earthquake

 of 6.1 magnitude struck eastern Bhutan which destroyed a great deal of life and property. Many schools were damaged but we were lucky that students were on holiday of blessed rainy day.
A nationwide program took place in all the schools in Bhutan on 20th  September. The event ‘‘annual preparedness drill for schools’’ organized on 20th  September at 10:15 am by all schools of Bhutan carrying out earthquake preparedness drill. The main purpose of conducting mock drill on 20th  September was to commemorate the fourth anniversary of the 21st September 2009 earthquake which will help us be reminded of the past memories on disasters and to avoid us repeating mistakes.
Be mindful and alert as disaster may occur anytime. At hard times we should take care of ourselves and to whom we love.
Thanks to Leki Dorji and Chimi Uden of twelve science for helping me out in the compilation of this article. They are both from disaster club of our school and helping our school to be in the safer side of any disaster.
‘‘once you have been in an earthquake you know, even if you survive without any scratch, that like a stroke in the heart, it remains in the earth`s breast, horribly potential, always promising to return, to hit you again, with an even more devastating force.’’ Said by Salman Rushdie.